Saturday, August 30, 2014


We have compiled a list of Independent, Unaffiliated Baptist churches in America and Canada. To the best of our knowledge, the churches we have listed are sound in the faith. To anyone wishing to use this website, we would suggest you first review our statement of faith by visiting our doctrinal page. As far as we know, the churches that we have listed also hold to the same basic doctrinal positions.

Obviously, we cannot guarantee that every church on this site is indeed of like-faith and practice. We're constantly reviewing the churches that are on this list, and we have other like-faith missionaries that keep us informed about the churches they visit while on deputation. With their help, we're able to keep this site relevant, and up to date.

Our intention is two fold: 1) to help connect sound missionaries with sound Baptist churches, and, 2) to help people find like-faith Baptist churches when they are far from home. We hope this is a blessing to you all!